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  • INVERTER DJN Series 48 VDC merk metapower
INVERTER DJN Series 48 VDC merk metapower

INVERTER DJN Series 48 VDC merk metapower

Update Terakhir 02 / 09 / 2021
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Detail INVERTER DJN Series 48 VDC Merk Metapower

48 VDC Inverter (1-5kVA)

DJN series inverters adapt to telecom systems with 48VDC power supply, adopting high efficiency SPWM inversion technology. DJN series inverter can be connected to teleprinter, telegraph terminal, wireless paging equipment, data switching exchange, local exchange, microwave communication equipment, program-controlled exchange charging system, fax machine and all kinds of AC instrument, computer equipment and various communication equipment. Meanwhile, DJN-K Series inverter "on ECO mode" can be used for air conditioner, such as 3KVA for 1.5P and 5KVA inverter for 3P air conditioner.

High Reliability

With isolation between DC input and AC output

Impact resistance design fit for high impact load even for air conditioner

Full digital technology

Perfect Performance

Pure sine wave output with THDi<3% (full load)

With ECO function (can be set to bypass first)

Perfect protection of output short circuit, overload, battery low, over temperature etc.

Special Low DC noise design for communication industry