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  • Monitoring system / Monitoring Alrm 1
Monitoring system / Monitoring Alrm 1

Monitoring system / Monitoring Alrm 1

Update Terakhir 30 / 05 / 2023
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Detail Monitoring System / Monitoring Alrm 1

integrated monitoring solution is a large site management system that brings a new level of monitoring capability allowing distributed architectures with improved performance. Embedded TCP/IP, SNMP, HTTP, FTP protocol for better performance, and decreased power and heat consumption. Each TSM100-10 has ID (IT Standard) and can be accessed remotely. integrated monitoring solution provides complete on-site and Web-based monitoring capabilities.

Features :

• Embedded Display Real Time measurement
• Embedded HTTP Web server
• LED Indicator Status & Alarm
• Data & Alarm update via SNMP Protocol send to management application
• Visualization of alarms, I/Os, configured views, communication ports and site related equipment via web base application
• Ability to remotely upload firmware and system configurations via FTP
• Supports multiple user logins and multiple user login privilege levels
• Simulated Alarm on device and send to server
• Support Auto Clear up to 10.000 Data Log
• Support reset to Default IP Address